About Us


The Roly Poly Animal Foundation is a UK based charity dedicated to educating the public about moderate changes they can make in their lives in the interest of animal welfare. 


Our focus is on three areas of animal welfare:

  • Companion animal overpopulation

  • The use of animals as food

  • The use of animals in entertainment


Whilst we would love to live in a world where sentience of animals was widely accepted and humane treatment was a high priority for everyone; we realise not everyone is willing to become a vegan, adopt rescue pets and boycott all uses of animals as entertainment. 


We believe that by providing non-judgmental education, people will be more inclined to make changes they feel good about and will be more likely to tell others about their responsibility to the welfare of animals. 


In addition to providing education, the Roly Poly Foundation is passionate about pet overpopulation. Animal shelters and rescue groups in the UK continually struggle to keep up with the number of abandoned and stray dogs and cats, which is why we provide vouchers for people who cannot afford to neuter their pets and fund trap-neuter-release (TNR) programmes in both the UK and in Romania where there is a desperate problem with dog and cat overpopulation.